Man Talk Around the Watering Hole

You’ve found us! Welcome to Man Talk Around the Watering Hole, The Audio Equivalent of Beer. Our primary function runs as a half-hour podcast packed with vital information you need to know in order to be a smoother operator in your everyday world. No women allowed. We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter page for bonus content and we run a YouTube channel for those of you who don’t have a half-hour of time to listen to the show. That means jokes in compact form at 1-10 minutes for your in-a-hurry pleasure. So fellas, grab a beer, sit back, hit play, and enjoy, because what you experience with this website and soon on our Patreon is The Full Montenegro, the enchilada, the pork sauce! We’re blasting off, baby, and we’re taking you with us. Welcome to flavor town!

It’s time to wake up and smell the estrogen. Women. You can’t live with them and you can’t kill them. So sayeth sage Tom Arnold in True Lies. They’re all around us. We couldn’t avoid them if we wanted to and if you’ve ever been in a relationship you know exactly what I mean about wanting to avoid them. Let’s just say Leroy isn’t now playing videogames 24/7 for nothing, Gina, you smothering bitch! That’s why the Patriarchy is a totally real thing that has worked in secret for millennia ensuring that for the betterment of mankind womankind hasn’t achieved anything at all worth talking about. We’d be exactly where we’re at now if somehow all the inventions women came up with disappeared, and yet if all of men’s inventions disappeared? Let’s just try not to think about it, okay?

But there’s been a problem lately, and it’s been growing bigger and bigger over the past 30 years. Women get everything in divorce and custody cases, women don’t get punished the same way for the same crimes they commit as men, pretty soon it’s going to be illegal to show masculine traits. Toxic femininity is on the rise and its misplaced self-righteousness threatens to smother everything that is good and right in this world and choke it off forever and ever. The Patriarchy needs you like Gotham needs Batman. That’s why listening in will help you grow to not only further realize who you are, but to become a better, stronger, less caring man in the process.

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SheMANigans occur every Tuesday!